Control over all stages.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes the development of designs, cutting, stitching, lasting and packing internally, with a highly qualified staff. This allows us to monitor and guarantee the quality of all our production, providing a high standard with a quality incidence rate under 0.5%.

As we manage and control the production in our own facilities, we also control the lead times of the process. This is a key point in our commitment with the fulfillment of the delivery dates.


Excellence is not a skill; it is an attitude.

An exhaustive outsourced quality control system, with regular inspections and reports based on the AQL standard (level 2) plus our client’s own inspections, guarantee the excellence of the shoes we deliver.

An environmental and social commitment, backed by sustainable practices throughout all the manufacturing process. As a member of the SAC (Sustainable Apparel Coalition) we use the Higg Index to measure and rate our sustainability performance.

We have a complete control over the whole production process. This allows us to work with an average production period of 25 working days from the moment we receive the main raw materials.

The whole production process is managed and controlled in a single place. This helps us to handle the developments and production orders of all our clients with the appropriate level of confidentiality.

R+D+I Certification

Project financed by the Valencian Institute of Business Competitiveness (IVACE), included in the within the Supporter Program for R+D+I Certification, co-financed by the FEDER Funds within the FEDER Operational Program of the Valencian Community 2014-2020.